(Courtesy, Hamilton Public Library, Special Collections Department)

Did you know that:
  • Hamilton has an area of 54.38 square miles or 38,055.04 acres, of which 5,641.98 acres are water?
  • The phrase “Golden Horseshoe” was first used by Westinghouse President, Herbert H. Rogge, in a speech to the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce on 12 January 1954? “Hamilton in 50 years will be the forward cleat in a ‘golden horseshoe’ of industrial development from Oshawa to the Niagara River.
  • Hamilton was incorporated as a police village in 1833 and as a city in 1846?
  • The city’s motto is “Commerce, Prudence, and Industry”?
  • At various stages in its history, Hamilton has been known as the “Birmingham of Canada”, “The Pittsburgh of Canada”, and “The Electric City”?
  • Hamilton is twinned with nine other cities? (Shawinigan, Quebec; Mangalore, India; Fukuyama, Japan; Racalmuto, Italy; Flint, Michigan; Ma’Anshan, China; Abruzzo, Italy; Sarasota, Florida; Monterrey, Mexico)
  • Hamilton’s civic flower is yellow chrysanthemum?
  • The Royal Botanical Gardens encompass 2,700 acres of gardens and woodlands?
  • The mean depth of Hamilton Harbour is 13 metres; the maximum depth is 25 metres?
  • In 1912 the Hamilton Harbour Commissioners were formed by an Act of Parliament to take over administration of the harbour from the City?
  • The first canal was dug through the Beach Strip in 1823?
  • Burlington Heights was a major defensive strongpoint for British and Canadian forces during the War of 1812?
  • King Street, York Street, John Street and Mohawk Road were once Indian trails?
  • Established in April 1903, the Hamilton Automobile Club was the first such club in Canada?
  • The first automobile race in Hamilton occurred on 8 August 1904?
  • The Skyway Drive-In, Canada’s first drive-in, opened on 10 July 1946 at Highway 8 near Gray’s Road in Stoney Creek?
  • Hamilton once had two incline railways which moved people up and down the escarpment? (The Wentworth Street Incline and the James Street Incline)
  • The Burlington Bay Skyway Bridge was opened on 30 October 1958 as a toll bridge? Toll charges were abolished as of 28 December 1973
  • Hamilton has one doughnut shop for every 5,721 residents?
  • The first public bowling alley in Hamilton opened in 1890 at the rear of the J.W. MacDonald Tobacco Shop at 66 James Street North?
  • Hamilton was host of the first British Empire (Commonwealth) Games in 1930?
  • Three Lieutenant-Governors of Ontario have called Hamilton their home? (Sir John Morison Gibson, 1908-1914; Sir John Strathearn Hendrie, 1914-1919; Lincoln Alexander, 1985- 1991)
  • Canada’s first woman cabinet minister, Ellen Fairclough, is from Hamilton?
  • Quinto Martini of Hamilton was the first Italian Canadian elected to Parliament?
  • Six Canadian stamps have been issued which directly relate to Hamilton? (United Empire Loyalist Statue stamp; Hamilton and the Scourge stamp; the Royal Botanical Gardens stamp; Adelaide Hunter Hoodless stamp; Hamilton Sesquicentennial stamp and Ellen Louks Fairclough stamp).