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Hamilton 1876: A Bird’s Eye View Map
Our newest publication is a reproduction of the Bird’s Eye View Map of Hamilton published in 1876. It measures 39” across by 27” high and is sepia toned. The cost is $15.00 plus shipping if applicable. It is available at meetings and festivals or can be ordered through the website.

Hamilton: Panorama of Our Past: A Pictorial History of the Hamilton Wentworth Region
$30 (hardcover)
The sequel to Around and About Hamilton, currently in its second printing.
"...A truly amazing collection of photographs of life in Hamilton over a wide time span"
"...A book that is sure to become a keepsake for generations...Hamilton Panorama of Our Past is a delight." -- Brian Henley, The Hamilton Spectator

Downtown Hamilton: The Heart of it All
$20.00 (paperback) / $50.00 (hardcover)
"Downtown Hamilton...shows us what we once were and still can be."
"...A wonderful odyssey through the city's past - its architecture, the social milieu, the traffic of life and culture that was pulled into a once vibrant nucleus." -- Jeff
Mahoney, The Hamilton Spectator

Thomas Baker McQuesten: Public Works, Politics and Imagination

By John C. Best
$10 (hardcover)
".. A finely written and well-organized work, solidly based on extensive archival research. In detailing McQuesten's lasting contribution to the Ontario landscape, it
admirably performs the central task of all history -- to delve into the past in order to explain the present." -- David A. Lenarcie, Ontario History

Panorama Photograph showing the corner of King and James Streets, Hamilton, from all four directions

$5.00 (folded) / $ 10.00 (unfolded)

Journals and Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society, Vol. 5 (1908)
$25.00/ Sold out!
Condemning and Closing of James Street in Hamilton - Charles Lemon
Constitution and By-laws
Five Minutes Report - Mrs. J. Rose Holden
Governor's Road, Desjardins Canal and Burlington Heights - H. H. Robertson
Incidents of the Rebellion in Upper Canada - Mrs. J. Rose Holden Old Diary - Copied by Mrs. J. Rose Holden
An Old Canadian Home - Justus A. Griffin
Rebellion of 1837-38 - Mrs. J. Rose Holden
Report from the Ladies' Committee - Mrs. J. Rose Holden
Resume of Proceedings
The Great Western Railway - Augusta J. Gilkison
The Rebellion in Rhyme

Journals and Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society, Vol. 6 (1915)
$20.00/Sold out!
The City of Hamilton - Joseph H. Smith
Echoes from 1837-38 - John H. Land
Historian's Report - Justus A. Griffin
Indian Ossuary near Sheffield - Oscar Main
Indian Relics and Implements - Frank Wood
Indian Place Names - W. F. Moore
The Neutral Nation - Kirwan Martin
Notes on Indian Burial Mound - John H. Land
Ojibway Indians of North America - Mary L. Claypole
Reminiscent - John H. Land
Tales of the Lines - John H. Land
Tales of the War, Queenston - John H. Land

Journal and Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society, Vol. 7 (1916)
$20.00/Sold out!
Account of the Battle of Stoney Creek - Hazel Corman
First Agricultural Society in Wentworth County - H. H. Robertson
Heroes of Stoney Creek - Wm. Murray
Historical Notes - Justus A. Griffin
History of the Jolley Family - Anonymous
Record of Robert Land - John H. Land
Memoirs of the Lucas Family - Eliza C. Lucas Matthewman
Pioneer Days - Helen Lucas
Retrospective, 1915
Michael Showers: Loyalist Ranger, Citizen - J. H. Smith

Journal and Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society, Vol. 9 (1920)
$25.00/ Sold out!
Autobiography of George H. Mills
Synopsis of Proceedings
Genealogical Record of the Mills Family - Stanley Mills
The Gage Family - Stanley Mills
A Pioneer Family: The Ancestry and Descendants of Richard Griffin, of Smithville, Ont. - Justus Griffin
Canadian Patriotic Verses - George D. Griffin

Journals and Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society, Vol. 11 (1924)
$25.00 / Sold out!
Alexander C. Beasley - Reprinted from The Hamilton Spectator
Burlington Heights, Historically and Geographically - John H. Land
Hon. Richard Cartwright - Justus A. Griffin
Cornelius Donovan - Reprinted from Cathedral Magazine
Hamilton's Stone Age - Herbert Gardiner
Lake Medad and its Legend - Peter M. Land

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 2
$5.00 (soft cover)
Administrative Beginnings - R. S. Charlton
70 Years with the Hamilton Street Railway - Marjorie Freeman Campbell
A History of the Hamilton Street Railway - Isabel Springer
Origins of Some Street Names of Hamilton - Edward F. Johnston
The Story of Jean Baptiste Rousseau - T. Roy Woodhouse
Crown Patentees of Ancaster Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 3
$5.00 (soft cover)
Two Mayors of Early Hamilton - P. R. Austin
Albion Mills - J. E. Turner
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church - Joseph V. Millar
Hamilton's First Telephone Exchange - T. Roy Woodhouse
The Baker Family of Hamilton - Lillian M. Shaw
Choose One Knight with Sword (1808 Election) - Janet Powell
Inscriptions on Stoney Creek Battlefield Monument - George Laidler

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 4
$5.00 (soft cover)
The Battle of Stoney Creek, 6 June 1813 - Brigadier General E. A. Cruikshank
The Rev. John Gamble Geddes and Early Days at Christ Church, Hamilton - Katharine Greenfield
Early Provision for Libraries in Hamilton - Freda F. Waldon
City Planning in Hamilton - J. T. C. Waram
Crown Patentees of Beverly Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 5
$5.00 (soft cover)
The Great Western Railway - John M. Cowan
Who Were the Five Johns? - William Cody
The Burlington Races - Frank L. Jones
The Beginnings of the History of Hamilton - T. Roy Woodhouse
Chronicles of Corktown - J. G. O'Neil
The Story of a Pioneer Doctor - Harmaunus Smith - Vivian M. Spack
Crown Patentees of West Flamborough Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse
Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 6
$5.00 (soft cover)
The Militia of Upper Canada, The Formative Years, 1893-1864 - Frank L. Jones
William Lyon Mackenzie, His Contributions to the Canadian Political Tradition - William Morrison
Some Musical Memories - G. Roy Fenwick
A Year in the Life of an Ancaster Pioneer - T. Roy Woodhouse
Crown Patentees of Saltfleet Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 7
$5.00 (soft cover)/ Sold out!
The Life and History of Richard Beasley, Esq. - Nicholas Leblovic
An 18th Century Jewel in a 19th Century Wilderness - Jane Platt
The Registers of Christ's Church, Hamilton - Katharine Greenfield
The Davis family of Mount Albion - Richard D. Merritt
The Stinson Family of Hamilton - Lilian M. Shaw
The Victorian Buildings of Hamilton - Elizabeth Smith Vickers
Hamilton, Canada West: "The Civil War Years" - William J. McCulloch
Sidelights of the Hamilton Police Force - William F. Croft
The History of Law Enforcement in Hamilton from 1833-1967 - Gordon V. Torrance
He Died with Custer - William J. McCulloch
Crown Patentees of Binbrook Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 8
$5.00 (soft cover)
La Salle's Arrival in Burlington Bay in 1669 and La Salle's Probable Route in Tinawatawa - T. Roy Woodhouse
The Hamilton Jewish Community - Louis A. Kurman
The Honourable and Gallant Knight - Charles A. Carter
The History of the Hamilton Fire Department, 1816 - 1905 - Reginald Swainborough
The Ledger of an Early Doctor of Barton and Ancaster, 1798 - 1801 - Mary Harrington Farmer
The Historical Significance of the Niagara Escarpment - Norman Pearson
The Story of Rockwood Academy - Hugh Douglass
One Hundred and Twenty Six Years of Arrangements by Blachford and Wray - John B. Wray
Crown Patentees of Glanford Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 9
$5.00 (soft cover)
One Hundred Years of the Great Western Railway - Franklin Davey McDowell
The History and Operation of Hamilton's Parks - T. J. Newlands
A History of Ballet in Canada - Fred Crisp
Some Victorian Authors - and Hamilton - Katharine Greenfield
The Gore Balance - T. W. D. Farmer
The Growth of Medical Practice and Medical Education in Canada - A. G. McGhie
Burlington Bay as I Remember It - John James Halcrow
A Century of Sport - Robert Hanley
Crown Patentees of East Flamborough Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse
Unveiling the Buchanan Plaque - Chas. A. Carter

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 10
$5.00 (soft cover)
Twenty-Five Years - T. Roy Woodhouse
The United Empire Loyalists Association - J. G. Dillane
A Subaltern of 1812 - Frank L. Jones
Thomas Brock Fuller: First Bishop of Niagara - The Rev. Richard Ruggle
Canada Life: A First for Hamilton - Stephen M. Fletcher
The Bruce Trail - Ray Lowes
Richard Robert Donnelley, Printer - William Rossart
Ride Through the Garden of Canada - William G. Blaine
Astronomy in the Hamilton Area - Robert Lange

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 11
$5.00 (soft cover)
The Journal of a Scottish Farm Pupil in Ancaster, 1881-1883 - E. S. Farmer
The Reverend Thomas Geoghegan, 1846-1906 - Katharine Greenfield
From the Mayor's Chair: Then and Now - Victor K. Copps
The Story of William Sampson, First Record of Grimsby, 1817-1822 - The Rev. Canon E. A. Brooks
The Railways of Hamilton - Andrew Merrilees
A History of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Hamilton - J. T. L. Fletcher
Early American and Canadian Glass - Lottie M. Jones
Baptismal Records of the Church of the Ascension (Anglican), Hamilton - 1851-1853

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 12
$5.00 (soft cover)
The Legend of the Summers' Theatre - Mrs. Alan S. Kompass
The Turbulent Years - Charles Wilkinson
The Boultbees of "Thorndale" - Mrs. Hugh Robertson
The McQuestens and Their Letters - Mary Harrington Farmer
The Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway Company - Andrew Merrilees
House Types in Hamilton in the 19th Century - Murray Aikman
Baptismal Records of the Church of the Ascension (Anglican), Hamilton - 1854-1855

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 13
$5.00 (soft cover)
Old Hess Street School, Hamilton - Donald M. Oliphant
"Fronteschwein" (Trench Hog) - Edward W. Jones
The History of the Stoney Creek United Church, 1791-1925 - Milton Watson
The History of Duncans of Hamilton - Sharon E. Cook
James Durand's Eventful Career, 1802-1834 - John Weaver
The Story of Archibald Kerr, Thomas C. Kerr, and Inglewood - William D. King
From Washington Boultbee's Diary, 1837-1841 - Mrs. Hugh Robertson
Burlington Beach Volunteer Firemen's Association - Clarence Dean
My Company - Bell Canada - Robert W. Gray
Baptismal Records of the Church of the Ascension (Anglican), Hamilton, 1854

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 14
$5.00 (soft cover)
...Years Ago - Anthony Adamson
Aboriginal Occupations of a Farm in Binbrook Township - Stewart R. Leslie
Frontier Living - Betty Lampman
The Story of the United Empire Loyalists - John A. Aikman
Politics at the Head of the Lake: The Case of Abraham Markle - Robert L. Fraser
The Coal Kiln Murder: Hamilton's First Murder Mystery - David Faux
From Goal-to-Jail to Detention Center - F. A. Ducheneau
The Laird of "Woodhill": The Story of Adam Fergusson, 1783-1862 - Arial Dyer
The Hermitage, Ancaster, Ontario - Bridget McComas
The Hamilton Water Works - Peter Davis
Springing to Call: Hamilton's Volunteers of 1861 - George F. Kush
Charles Coote Grant, 1825-1914 - Frank L. Jones
Cantatas, Cadenzas and Conductors - Michael Quigley
Strathcona School and the West End, 1894-1981 - Murray Aikman
The Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society, the First Forty Years - Katharine Greenfield
St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Hamilton - Tina Sayn
Baptismal Records of the Church of the Ascension (Anglican), Hamilton, 1855

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 15
$5.00 (soft cover)
The Hamilton Post Office - Charles Stipe
A Layman's Look at Southern Ontario - the Hon. Ellen L. Fairclough
The Young Family Cemetery - Melanie Dungey
Hamilton's Castles - Wm. D. King
William C. Whitefield of Ancaster (1888-1975) and His Home - Paul Symboulk
Reminiscences of the Bank of Hamilton - Alice (Bell) Robertson
The Hamilton Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art - and Local History - Katharine Greenfield
Amateur Theatre in Hamilton - Margaret Houghton
Remembering Bull's Lane - Dorothy B. Wallace
Frederick Ashbough of Ancaster: Potter - Rita Michael
The British Regular Infantryman in the Napoleonic Era as a Reflection of Georgian Society - David Owen
Augustus Jones - An Outline Biography - Donald G. Jones
Baptismal Records of the Church of the Ascension (Anglican) Hamilton, 1856 - Janet Bailey

In Search of The King's Head Inn
By Terry Watson
$10.00 (soft cover)
Government House, known locally as King's Head Inn, was the first government building erected in the area. Its construction was ordered in 1794 by Governor Simcoe at a time when war between Great Britain and the U.S. was thought inevitable. This 52 page booklet describes the life and times of the area from the construction of the Inn to its destruction by the enemy in 1813.