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Hamilton 1876: A Bird’s Eye View Map
Our newest publication is a reproduction of the Bird’s Eye View Map of Hamilton published in 1876. It measures 39” across by 27” high and is sepia toned. The cost is $15.00 plus shipping if applicable. It is available at meetings and festivals or can be ordered through the website.

Hamilton: Panorama of Our Past: A Pictorial History of the Hamilton Wentworth Region
$30 (hardcover)
The sequel to Around and About Hamilton, currently in its second printing.
"...A truly amazing collection of photographs of life in Hamilton over a wide time span"
"...A book that is sure to become a keepsake for generations...Hamilton Panorama of Our Past is a delight." -- Brian Henley, The Hamilton Spectator

Downtown Hamilton: The Heart of it All
$20.00 (paperback) / $50.00 (hardcover)
"Downtown Hamilton...shows us what we once were and still can be."
"...A wonderful odyssey through the city's past - its architecture, the social milieu, the traffic of life and culture that was pulled into a once vibrant nucleus." -- Jeff
Mahoney, The Hamilton Spectator

Thomas Baker McQuesten: Public Works, Politics and Imagination

By John C. Best
$10 (hardcover)
".. A finely written and well-organized work, solidly based on extensive archival research. In detailing McQuesten's lasting contribution to the Ontario landscape, it
admirably performs the central task of all history -- to delve into the past in order to explain the present." -- David A. Lenarcie, Ontario History

Panorama Photograph showing the corner of King and James Streets, Hamilton, from all four directions

$5.00 (folded) / $ 10.00 (unfolded)

Journals and Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society, Vol. 5 (1908)
$25.00/ Sold out!
Condemning and Closing of James Street in Hamilton - Charles Lemon
Constitution and By-laws
Five Minutes Report - Mrs. J. Rose Holden
Governor's Road, Desjardins Canal and Burlington Heights - H. H. Robertson
Incidents of the Rebellion in Upper Canada - Mrs. J. Rose Holden Old Diary - Copied by Mrs. J. Rose Holden
An Old Canadian Home - Justus A. Griffin
Rebellion of 1837-38 - Mrs. J. Rose Holden
Report from the Ladies' Committee - Mrs. J. Rose Holden
Resume of Proceedings
The Great Western Railway - Augusta J. Gilkison
The Rebellion in Rhyme

Journals and Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society, Vol. 6 (1915)
The City of Hamilton - Joseph H. Smith
Echoes from 1837-38 - John H. Land
Historian's Report - Justus A. Griffin
Indian Ossuary near Sheffield - Oscar Main
Indian Relics and Implements - Frank Wood
Indian Place Names - W. F. Moore
The Neutral Nation - Kirwan Martin
Notes on Indian Burial Mound - John H. Land
Ojibway Indians of North America - Mary L. Claypole
Reminiscent - John H. Land
Tales of the Lines - John H. Land
Tales of the War, Queenston - John H. Land

Journal and Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society, Vol. 7 (1916)
Account of the Battle of Stoney Creek - Hazel Corman
First Agricultural Society in Wentworth County - H. H. Robertson
Heroes of Stoney Creek - Wm. Murray
Historical Notes - Justus A. Griffin
History of the Jolley Family - Anonymous
Record of Robert Land - John H. Land
Memoirs of the Lucas Family - Eliza C. Lucas Matthewman
Pioneer Days - Helen Lucas
Retrospective, 1915
Michael Showers: Loyalist Ranger, Citizen - J. H. Smith

Journal and Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society, Vol. 9 (1920)
$25.00/ Sold out!
Autobiography of George H. Mills
Synopsis of Proceedings
Genealogical Record of the Mills Family - Stanley Mills
The Gage Family - Stanley Mills
A Pioneer Family: The Ancestry and Descendants of Richard Griffin, of Smithville, Ont. - Justus Griffin
Canadian Patriotic Verses - George D. Griffin

Journals and Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society, Vol. 11 (1924)
$25.00 / Sold out!
Alexander C. Beasley - Reprinted from The Hamilton Spectator
Burlington Heights, Historically and Geographically - John H. Land
Hon. Richard Cartwright - Justus A. Griffin
Cornelius Donovan - Reprinted from Cathedral Magazine
Hamilton's Stone Age - Herbert Gardiner
Lake Medad and its Legend - Peter M. Land

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 2
$5.00 (soft cover)
Administrative Beginnings - R. S. Charlton
70 Years with the Hamilton Street Railway - Marjorie Freeman Campbell
A History of the Hamilton Street Railway - Isabel Springer
Origins of Some Street Names of Hamilton - Edward F. Johnston
The Story of Jean Baptiste Rousseau - T. Roy Woodhouse
Crown Patentees of Ancaster Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 3
$5.00 (soft cover)
Two Mayors of Early Hamilton - P. R. Austin
Albion Mills - J. E. Turner
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church - Joseph V. Millar
Hamilton's First Telephone Exchange - T. Roy Woodhouse
The Baker Family of Hamilton - Lillian M. Shaw
Choose One Knight with Sword (1808 Election) - Janet Powell
Inscriptions on Stoney Creek Battlefield Monument - George Laidler

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 4
$5.00 (soft cover)
The Battle of Stoney Creek, 6 June 1813 - Brigadier General E. A. Cruikshank
The Rev. John Gamble Geddes and Early Days at Christ Church, Hamilton - Katharine Greenfield
Early Provision for Libraries in Hamilton - Freda F. Waldon
City Planning in Hamilton - J. T. C. Waram
Crown Patentees of Beverly Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 5
$5.00 (soft cover)
The Great Western Railway - John M. Cowan
Who Were the Five Johns? - William Cody
The Burlington Races - Frank L. Jones
The Beginnings of the History of Hamilton - T. Roy Woodhouse
Chronicles of Corktown - J. G. O'Neil
The Story of a Pioneer Doctor - Harmaunus Smith - Vivian M. Spack
Crown Patentees of West Flamborough Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse
Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 6
$5.00 (soft cover)
The Militia of Upper Canada, The Formative Years, 1893-1864 - Frank L. Jones
William Lyon Mackenzie, His Contributions to the Canadian Political Tradition - William Morrison
Some Musical Memories - G. Roy Fenwick
A Year in the Life of an Ancaster Pioneer - T. Roy Woodhouse
Crown Patentees of Saltfleet Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 7
$5.00 (soft cover)/ Sold out!
The Life and History of Richard Beasley, Esq. - Nicholas Leblovic
An 18th Century Jewel in a 19th Century Wilderness - Jane Platt
The Registers of Christ's Church, Hamilton - Katharine Greenfield
The Davis family of Mount Albion - Richard D. Merritt
The Stinson Family of Hamilton - Lilian M. Shaw
The Victorian Buildings of Hamilton - Elizabeth Smith Vickers
Hamilton, Canada West: "The Civil War Years" - William J. McCulloch
Sidelights of the Hamilton Police Force - William F. Croft
The History of Law Enforcement in Hamilton from 1833-1967 - Gordon V. Torrance
He Died with Custer - William J. McCulloch
Crown Patentees of Binbrook Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 8
$5.00 (soft cover)
La Salle's Arrival in Burlington Bay in 1669 and La Salle's Probable Route in Tinawatawa - T. Roy Woodhouse
The Hamilton Jewish Community - Louis A. Kurman
The Honourable and Gallant Knight - Charles A. Carter
The History of the Hamilton Fire Department, 1816 - 1905 - Reginald Swainborough
The Ledger of an Early Doctor of Barton and Ancaster, 1798 - 1801 - Mary Harrington Farmer
The Historical Significance of the Niagara Escarpment - Norman Pearson
The Story of Rockwood Academy - Hugh Douglass
One Hundred and Twenty Six Years of Arrangements by Blachford and Wray - John B. Wray
Crown Patentees of Glanford Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 9
$5.00 (soft cover)
One Hundred Years of the Great Western Railway - Franklin Davey McDowell
The History and Operation of Hamilton's Parks - T. J. Newlands
A History of Ballet in Canada - Fred Crisp
Some Victorian Authors - and Hamilton - Katharine Greenfield
The Gore Balance - T. W. D. Farmer
The Growth of Medical Practice and Medical Education in Canada - A. G. McGhie
Burlington Bay as I Remember It - John James Halcrow
A Century of Sport - Robert Hanley
Crown Patentees of East Flamborough Township - Mabel Burkholder and T. Roy Woodhouse
Unveiling the Buchanan Plaque - Chas. A. Carter

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 10
$5.00 (soft cover)
Twenty-Five Years - T. Roy Woodhouse
The United Empire Loyalists Association - J. G. Dillane
A Subaltern of 1812 - Frank L. Jones
Thomas Brock Fuller: First Bishop of Niagara - The Rev. Richard Ruggle
Canada Life: A First for Hamilton - Stephen M. Fletcher
The Bruce Trail - Ray Lowes
Richard Robert Donnelley, Printer - William Rossart
Ride Through the Garden of Canada - William G. Blaine
Astronomy in the Hamilton Area - Robert Lange

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 11
$5.00 (soft cover)
The Journal of a Scottish Farm Pupil in Ancaster, 1881-1883 - E. S. Farmer
The Reverend Thomas Geoghegan, 1846-1906 - Katharine Greenfield
From the Mayor's Chair: Then and Now - Victor K. Copps
The Story of William Sampson, First Record of Grimsby, 1817-1822 - The Rev. Canon E. A. Brooks
The Railways of Hamilton - Andrew Merrilees
A History of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Hamilton - J. T. L. Fletcher
Early American and Canadian Glass - Lottie M. Jones
Baptismal Records of the Church of the Ascension (Anglican), Hamilton - 1851-1853

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 12
$5.00 (soft cover)
The Legend of the Summers' Theatre - Mrs. Alan S. Kompass
The Turbulent Years - Charles Wilkinson
The Boultbees of "Thorndale" - Mrs. Hugh Robertson
The McQuestens and Their Letters - Mary Harrington Farmer
The Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway Company - Andrew Merrilees
House Types in Hamilton in the 19th Century - Murray Aikman
Baptismal Records of the Church of the Ascension (Anglican), Hamilton - 1854-1855

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 13
$5.00 (soft cover)
Old Hess Street School, Hamilton - Donald M. Oliphant
"Fronteschwein" (Trench Hog) - Edward W. Jones
The History of the Stoney Creek United Church, 1791-1925 - Milton Watson
The History of Duncans of Hamilton - Sharon E. Cook
James Durand's Eventful Career, 1802-1834 - John Weaver
The Story of Archibald Kerr, Thomas C. Kerr, and Inglewood - William D. King
From Washington Boultbee's Diary, 1837-1841 - Mrs. Hugh Robertson
Burlington Beach Volunteer Firemen's Association - Clarence Dean
My Company - Bell Canada - Robert W. Gray
Baptismal Records of the Church of the Ascension (Anglican), Hamilton, 1854

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 14
$5.00 (soft cover)
...Years Ago - Anthony Adamson
Aboriginal Occupations of a Farm in Binbrook Township - Stewart R. Leslie
Frontier Living - Betty Lampman
The Story of the United Empire Loyalists - John A. Aikman
Politics at the Head of the Lake: The Case of Abraham Markle - Robert L. Fraser
The Coal Kiln Murder: Hamilton's First Murder Mystery - David Faux
From Goal-to-Jail to Detention Center - F. A. Ducheneau
The Laird of "Woodhill": The Story of Adam Fergusson, 1783-1862 - Arial Dyer
The Hermitage, Ancaster, Ontario - Bridget McComas
The Hamilton Water Works - Peter Davis
Springing to Call: Hamilton's Volunteers of 1861 - George F. Kush
Charles Coote Grant, 1825-1914 - Frank L. Jones
Cantatas, Cadenzas and Conductors - Michael Quigley
Strathcona School and the West End, 1894-1981 - Murray Aikman
The Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society, the First Forty Years - Katharine Greenfield
St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Hamilton - Tina Sayn
Baptismal Records of the Church of the Ascension (Anglican), Hamilton, 1855

Wentworth Bygones, Vol. 15
$5.00 (soft cover)
The Hamilton Post Office - Charles Stipe
A Layman's Look at Southern Ontario - the Hon. Ellen L. Fairclough
The Young Family Cemetery - Melanie Dungey
Hamilton's Castles - Wm. D. King
William C. Whitefield of Ancaster (1888-1975) and His Home - Paul Symboulk
Reminiscences of the Bank of Hamilton - Alice (Bell) Robertson
The Hamilton Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art - and Local History - Katharine Greenfield
Amateur Theatre in Hamilton - Margaret Houghton
Remembering Bull's Lane - Dorothy B. Wallace
Frederick Ashbough of Ancaster: Potter - Rita Michael
The British Regular Infantryman in the Napoleonic Era as a Reflection of Georgian Society - David Owen
Augustus Jones - An Outline Biography - Donald G. Jones
Baptismal Records of the Church of the Ascension (Anglican) Hamilton, 1856 - Janet Bailey